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ALBASHAER Microfinance will introduce Mobile Banking plan for dealing with clients. The plan will be put into action as of the next year 2011. This will enable our clients to deal with collection of loans and settlement of installments much more easily than before.  

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Activities of ALBASHAER


-          Granting small loans to Iraqi nationals. The number of granted loans at the start of ALBASHAER activity were 168 grants and beneficiaries were in Baghdad and its suburb.
-          Awareness cultural programs were conducted in Radhwaniyah, Mahmoodiyah, of tribal nature. Revenues made were exploited to hold discussions by utilizing simple means.
-          Capacity building programs were set up for employees inside the country and at the expense of the Organization. These programs continued on a periodical basis focusing on using the best methods in dealing with people.
-          Conferences and discussions in the field of developing small projects were held in Baghdad in the presence of organizations and state financial departments in the country.
-          Field visits to major Iraqi shopping areas of Baghdad and its suburb were made and studies of the Iraqi markets were carried out, in order to develop productive projects.
-          Standing resolute in the face of challenges to achieve targeted objective of the organization by radically contributing to a higher standard of the economy of Iraq.
-          Through the expansion of the Organization of ALBASHAER there has been the Iraqi operation of manpower recruitment of cadres from both sexes (the total of 41 staff members noting that the work started with 4 staff only) and contribution effectively to try to eliminate unemployment through employment and urged citizens to work by helping and guiding them about the proper methods of work and investment capabilities and expertise available to them.
-          Focusing on the role of women working in the community by supporting them financially through loans granted to them in cooperation with the Women's Organization
-          Of the most important groups that are serviced by our organization are professional (industrial, commercial, service) through the granting of small loans to upgrade the level of economy. ALBASHAER has disbursed more than 4000 loans






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