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ALBASHAER Microfinance will introduce Mobile Banking plan for dealing with clients. The plan will be put into action as of the next year 2011. This will enable our clients to deal with collection of loans and settlement of installments much more easily than before.  

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Al-Bashaer is micro-lending program which is creating a sustainable microfinance institution that provides long-term access to a broad range of financial services to low-income individuals, households and business owners in Baghdad.

  AlBASHAER is an Iraqi non-governmental, non-political organization affiliated to the Civil Society Organizations (CSO) / General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers. ALBASHAER was awarded establishment license number 1847 in 28/5/2006 under the No ID 71084 and renewed until 3/1/2011. The organization was inaugurated in 1/8/2006 with an opening capital of $ 250,000. Worth mentioning that ALBASHAER became an associative member of AL SANABEL organization in  

Our Organization works in order to support small projects in different areas of Baghdad and its suburbs through the provision of financial services and loans for the purpose of improving the living income and increase production efficiency.


Mission of the organization

Increase the capacity and efficiency of small enterprises in production and support the owners of these projects, especially women and improve their standard of living through the provision of financial services and loans to fit their needs. Objectives of the organization: 



  • upport and development of small enterprises through lending operations of loans with simple procedures for specific periods and encourage them to grow and develop.
  • Focus on projects that will create more jobs for the unemployed, which would improve the standard of living for the owners of these projects.
  • To encourage and stimulate projects (with a focus on women's projects) through the provision of loans on flexible terms for the owners of these projects.















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